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"Help, we have misplaced the charger to our Tthink Sleep mp3! Where can I order a new one? It is the first thing I\'ve found to help my son sleep......ever!

Kelley Wright - Queensland


"Think Sleep is like a tranquiliser. I had trouble sleeping for many years but now I am out like a light every night."

Neil Bryant Albion Park


“Mark’s voice is so relaxing in the beginning I would rarely get to the end of a hypnosis session without falling asleep. I am also much more relaxed during the day and I have so much more energy. The program has taught me the methods to
let go of stress and switch my mind off. Now after using the MP3 player for a few months I only use it once or twice a week. Most nights I use the relaxation exercises and breathing exercises to go to sleep.”

Janette Green Newcastle


“For years I had suffered insomnia. If I did get to sleep I would soon wake up again. Tossing and turning all night long. Not any longer, I now have a great sleep every night. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my back. Thank you for such a great program.”

Enid Baracek Melbourne.

“No more sleeping tablets. Finally a way of falling asleep that is easy and natural. The only side effect is I am much happier and am bouncing around with energy. I love the MP3 player because it is so easy to use and the sessions continue to play one after the other giving me the deepest sleep every night.”

Judith Johnston Sydney